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Web Designing - PRO

The Web Designing Training Pro course covers the both the designing with Illustrator & creating an interactive Mobile App design.

What will you learn in Pro?

Learn Illustrator to create & design the artwork such as logos, brochures & illustrations etc. Also learn how to create distinctive designs with the shape-building tools, fluid, brushes and advanced path controls.

Learn how to design a creative app design for iOS, iPad & Android with app design principles.

  • Experienced Faculty with 2+ years experience
  • Boost your Mobile App Designing career
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
  • Complete Practical Workshop
Web Designing Pro Course


Course Code: Web Designing Training - PRO

Number of hours : 24 Week ( 2 Hours Per Day) OR 12 Week ( 4 Hours Per Day )


Course Description

Adobe Illustrator provides sophisticated vector drawing tools, tracing and text manipulation capabilities as well as color separations. It will assist you to become an expert in the premier artwork for line art, logos, vector graphics and quick page layout as well as tricks and time efficient techniques to keepyour work neat, clean and professional.

This course will also focus on building applications for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Malmo (Nokia), Windows Mobile etc. The course will be taught by our professional trainer, a designer of a number of touchscreen applications.

Web Designing Training Workshop Covers following Modules

  1. Defining page setup for web
  2. Understanding file formats for web
  3. Understanding Pixels & Resolution
  4. Navigating Photoshop & Working with tools
  5. Working with Multiple Images, Rulers, Guides & Grids
  6. Working with layers ( Merge, Lock, Hide ),
  7. Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill
  8. Adjusting Canvas Size & Canvas Rotation
  9. Creating text,applying styles effects
  10. Creating web patterns, Brushes, Custom Shapes
  11. Levels, Curves adjustment
  12. Patch tool image correction & Enhancing image for web
  13. Retouching images & Transforming of images
  14. Color pallete, Filter Effects
  15. Render, glass, wood texture, emboss
  16. Creating Web Layout & Web banners
  17. Web Animation in Photoshop
  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Browsers & Editors
  3. Starting with HTML & its Page Structure
  4. HTML - Basic, Elements, Attributes
  5. HTML - Headings, Paragraphs, Formatting
  6. HTML - Comments, Links, Head
  7. HTML - CSS, Images, Lists
  8. HTML - Blocks, Layout, Forms
  9. HTML - Entities, Symbols, Charset
  10. HTML5 - Intro, New Elements, Semantic
  11. HTML5 - Input Types, Form Elements, Form Attributes
  12. HTML5 - Canvas, SVG, Audio, Video
  13. HTML5 - Geolocation, Drag/Drop, Web Storage
  1. Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  2. Types of Style Sheets (Inline, Internal and External)
  3. Class & ID Selector
  4. Positioning ( Absolute, Relative, Fixed )
  5. Inline menu & Drop down menu with CSS3
  6. DIV + CSS Layout Design ( Table less )
  7. PSD to CSS Conversion ( with Adobe CC )
  1. Exploring Dreamweaver Interface
  2. Planning & Setting Web Site Structure
  3. Dreamweaver - Basics, Shortcuts, Panels
  4. Dreamweaver - Toolbars, Automation
  5. Source Code Formatting, Property Inspector
  6. Understanding and switching views
  7. Creating Web pages & External Linking
  8. Anchor & Email Link
  9. Merging Cells & Inserting Tables
  10. Working with images with jpg and GIF file format
  11. Working with Forms ( with Validating )
  12. Creating and working with Templates
  13. Working with Spry Menu Bar
  14. Creating Tabbed Panel
  15. Creating Collapsible panel
  16. Using Behaviors
  17. Creating interactive website
  18. Creating Table less website using DIV
  1. Intro to javascript
  2. Understanding variables & functions
  3. Working with alert, confirm and prompt
  4. Understanding loop, arrays
  5. Creating rollover image
  6. Working with operators.
  1. Understanding gif animation interface & GIF file format
  2. Creating basic web banners with & without effect
  3. Creating animated web buttons
  1. Learning to use FTP
  2. Setting FTP
  3. Uploading of site
  4. Using Control panel
  1. Introduction of Responsive Design
  2. Developer Tools and Code Management
  3. Bootstrap Grid System and Layouts
  4. Bootstrap Typography, Tables and Forms
  5. Bootstrap Elements
  6. Bootstrap CSS provided user interface components including navigation bars, responsive images, buttons etc.
  7. Use of Bootstrap's JavaScript library to create tabs, carousels, collapsible sections, alerts & much more without writing a single line of JavaScript code
  1. Introduction, Workspace & Navigation
  2. Selections, Smart Guides and Rulers
  3. Fills, Stroke and Color
  4. Gradients, Gradient Mesh, Layers and Grouping
  5. Line, Shapes, Brushes
  6. Tools - Pen, Pencil, Symbols, Transform, Cutting
  7. Charts and Graphs
  8. Alignment and distribution
  9. Working with Types, Appearance and Styles
  10. Transparency and Masking
  11. Liquify, Enveloping and Meshes
  12. Filters, Effects & Blending
  13. Pathfinder Operations
  14. Saving & Slicing for the Web
  15. Image, Image Maps and Photoshop Integration
  16. Variables Palette, Pre-Assembly & Dynamic Type Treatments
  17. Auto Trace, Live Trace & Live Paint
  1. Introducing the app
  2. Basic platform considerations
  3. The killer app idea
  4. How to handle Apple and Google
  5. Top tips for touch-screen design
  6. The ‘feature fallacy’ and how to avoid it
  7. Prototyping
  8. Innovative app design
  9. Understanding games