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iPhone Basic

The basic iPhone Training course covers the basic knowledge of iPhone to getting started with development of iOS App.

What will you learn in Basic ?

Learn how to create full-featured iOS apps from scratch , hands-on training course taught by iOS developers. Gain hands-on coding experience and get answers to your questions so you can start creating your own iOS apps with confidence.

  • Experienced Faculty with 2+ years experience
  • Start your iOS career Today
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
  • Complete Practical Workshop
iPhone Development Basic Course


Course Code: iPhone Development Training - BASIC

Number of hours : 8 Week ( 2 Hours Per Day) OR 4 Week ( 4 Hours Per Day )


Course Description

Taught by experienced iPhone developers, these courses will help you get started, or advance your skills, in the wonderful new world of iPhone and iPad development , which is both fun and easy to learn.

IPhone Development Training Workshop Covers following Modules

  1. Introduction to IPhone application
    • a. Demands
    • b. ITunes Information
  2. Installation Guides to Development Environment
  3. Introduction to Development Editor and Simulator
  1. Introduction
  2. Programming
    • a. Method Declaration and Definition
    • b. Objective-C Classes and Methods
  3. Object oriented Programming Concepts
  4. Data Types & Expressions
  5. Variables
  6. Looping Structures
  7. Protocols
  1. IOS architecture
  2. Framework Layers
  1. Introduction
  2. View Controller Lifecycle
  3. Sample application exercise
  1. Introduction
  2. Display Text on Label
  3. Implementing Demo with Button and Label
  4. Implementing table view
  5. Searching in table view
  6. Displaying alert with UIAlertView
  7. Creating and using UISwitch
  8. Picking value from UIPickerView
  9. Picking date and time from UIDatePicker
  10. Implementing Navigation Controller
  11. Displaying Image with UIImage
  12. UIScrollview and UIWebview
  13. Accepting input from textfield
  1. NSString,NSObject
  2. NSArray,NSMutableArray
  3. NSDictionary,NSMutable Dictionary
  1. JSON Parsing
  2. Integrating Audio and video
  3. SQLite Operations
  4. icloud Introduction
  5. Gestures Animations
  6. Core Location and Map kit
  7. Integrating Camera and Image Library