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Become a Digital Marketing Professional

12 Week Part Time or 2 Week Fast Track Course

Why choose IITPT?

Courses at IITPT are run by expert Digital Marketers with proven track record and experience. We provide obligation free Trail batch by providing 100 % Refund on your first on site Digital marketing class with us.

100 % Refund Guaranteed

We will provide you 100 % money back guarantee when you attend first workshop with us. If you are not happy with the workshop, just ask for refund of your fees and we will return it without any questions.

Practical Training

The workshop provides complete hands on training along with Templates and Cheats sheets to help you execute digital marketing strategies.

Job Placement

We get constant requirement from reputed companies who are looking for digital marketing professionals. We will be able to assist you in connecting with company to get job placement as a Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Course

Join any of this course on weekly basis

JAN- 21 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 1:1st Hour Free Information session

Digital marketing scope and strategy

JAN- 28 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 2:1st Hour Free Information session

Paid Advertising on Google & Facebook

FEB- 04 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 3:1st Hour Free Information session

Content Writing, Strategy and Marketing

FEB- 11 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 4:1st Hour Free Information session

Customer Acquisitions Strategies

FEB- 18 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 5:1st Hour Free Information session

Email Marketing, Customer Engagement & Upsells

FEB- 25 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 6:1st Hour Free Information session

YouTube and Video Marketing

MAR- 04 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 7:1st Hour Free Information session

Website Strategy, Budgeting and Planning

MAR- 11 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 8:1st Hour Free Information session

E-Commerce & Online Selling

Mar- 18 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 9:1st Hour Free Information session

Affiliate marketing , Google Adsense and Online Opportunities

  • Earning opportunities and strategies through sponsorship
Mar- 25 9am-2pm
1500+18% GST
Module 10:1st Hour Free Information session

Exercise and Submission

  • Presentation
  • Strategy
  • Exercise Submission
  • Discussion

Companies Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals

Students completing professional training from IITPT get instant placement with our placement partner companies. Become our placement partner to get skilled students without any Fees.

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